Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

156 Go#el Remfsiorz. peril : if theee three were enough, what needed the fon of God to come, and take our nature upon him, and be made a curfe for Mans fin, lay down his life, and flied his precious blood, why might not thefe three have been joyned toge- ther, and fo Chrift never have come ? for though Chrift had never come, I might have been fcrrowful, and I might have reformed and faid God is merciful though Chrift had never come : thofe that never knew Chriff nor heard of him. yet, they may be forrowful, reform , and fay God is merci- ful. I befeech you confider this note , I can never be par- doned andfaved in filch a way, as it might be done, though Chriflt hadnever come ; I can then never pardoned and ra- ved by all the means I take for pardon and Salvation if thofe things might be done though Chrift had never come ; and if you have nothing elfe but them to reft upon , then you can never be faved ; put this to your hearts, what have I wrought in my heart, that I might not have had, if Chrift had not come into the world ; certainly the moll things that moff peoplehave to reft upon, for pardon and falvation ; they might have had though Chrift had never come into the world. Further, Thou fait? God is merciful, True, the mercy of God is fweet and a blefi-ed argument, and our fouls much delight to open the grace and mercy of God ; and I have endeavou- red to open toyou what is revealed in the Gofpel ; yet Gods mercy is free, though he delight to glorifie his mercy : and he bath thoufandthoufands of Subjec`t's, toglorifie his mercy in, though thou perifheternally. Though thou perifh eternally, yet God may be glorious in the blefiednefs of his mercy : God bath others to magnifie his mercy unto besides thee : a beg- gar comes and asks an alms ofa man , and he gives him none that isnot an argument the man is not merciful , for he bath other objects, that are more fuitable and fit ; though he give not to every one, 'tis no difhonour to his compaffion ; fo it is with God, he hath thoufands of objects to beftow his mercy on ; though thou perifh. Further, Thou faift God is mer- ciful, and therefore thou hop'ft for pardon : Why ? God is and hath been merciful to thee beyond all that thou canft conceive, God bath fhew'd his mercy to thee already : thou faift