Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

joyful found, in their hearts, and that (hall have the Spirit ofGod tivitnefs unto their [Pirit ; that as I have heard, fo I"have felt this day, that what figns of forgivenefs of fin have been delivered, I have felt them in my own foul ; Well then What are they ? to infift upon them. The Firft'is that the Apofile gives in Rom.8. 3o. li-?oreovei whom hedid predeftinate, them healfo called ; andwhom he call- ed, them he alfo juftified : Juffi cation confiits efpecially in the remiffion and pardon of fin : Now the Holy Ghoft fa s,whon% he loath called, them he bath]uj ified ; would you know that you are juftified, and that your fins are pardoned, the Spirit of God (hews you, it is not a note of mine, but it is that which comes from the Holy Ghoft ; whom he 'lath called, them he bath juftified ; Vocation is a certain Evidence of fufiification ; this Vocation or Calling is the fecond link that does unite thofe two links of that golden chain together mentioned in that place, the firft link is the foreknowledge .of God, Gods Pre- deflination ; and then there is Vocation the next , after that fuflification, and then Glorification ; the firft chain in the link is, that God from all Eternity predeftinates force per- foils to have their fins pardoned ; but there is Vocation comes in between Predeftination and "unification , and after that Glorification , fo that while I am giving Evidences of "unification here, in this Text, I (hall give Evidences of Predeflination and Glorification too ; for there are link'd all to- gether : Many People look only after "unification , they hope their fins are pardoned, but they look not to any other link of the chain, as Calling and Vocation , whom he bath called, them he bath ¡unified ; but the queffion' then is, What ù this Calling ? What do you mean by that , how (hall we know whether we be called or no ? In z Pet. r. io. he bids them there togive diligence to maketheir Calling and EleClion fare : Mark,as here Predeflination and Calling are put toge- ther, fo their Calling and Eledion ; fays he, Give diligence to make your Calling and Elea-ion lure : Ete&ion is firft fure in refpe&.of God, but Vocation is firft in regard of our feltes make that fore and then you make Election fure, juflifica- don fure, and Glorification fure too; then what is Wra= Y z tion