Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

i 4 Go#el Renypion. tion ? for anfwer to the Queftion, Know, there ù an outward call and an inward call ; when God fends the Miniflers of the Word to reveal the Gofpel, and the way of Salvation , that is no other but Gods calling mens fouls from the ways of fin and death to come into the ways of life; all that come to hear the foundofthe Gofpel preach'd unto them ; let them know , that is Gods call to fanners to come in and repent; God calls to the Drunkard, the Unclean perfon, and all `others that live in fin to repent ; when you come to hear the Word, God calls you, and God requires of you, as you would have God to hear your cry when you are calling for mercy in the day ofyour diftrefs , hear my call now I call and cry in the Miniftry of the Word ; Would you have me to hear 'you when you cry to me ? do you hear me now I. am calling to you : O that People would underfland the Miniflry of the Word, that it is the call of God for frnriers to return and repent of their fins, that they would look beyond man and know that it is the voice of God by them, ; and therefore it is a dangerous thing for People to neglect, refit}, or re- bel againft the Miniftry of the Word ;. and there is fome good hopes that God bath fome fouls in fuch a place that he intends everlafting good will unto, where he fends the Miniftryof the Word ; Goddoes not ufe to fend the call of the Gofpel to a place, but there are fome fouls to be called :. And therefore Secondly, Befides the OutwardCall, there is an Inward Call; and that is it the Apoftle fpeaksof Many have the outward Call of the Word to Faith and Repentance , and vet they perifh eternally : Fut thofe whom God intends to fave and' bath love to indeed, he comes to them with an Inward Call, and this Inward-Call of God is on this wife : .God beholds the poor wretched finner going on in the ways of fin, death, and perdition, and he comes to him by a fecret and powerful. voice, fpeaking to his very heart, O Sinner, confider where thou art, What art thou a doing ? Whither art thou a going ? What is the endofthy way like to be ? thou artgoing from God, from ha7pinefs and life, to woful mifery andblackrrefr of dark. nefr,to the inditegulfof eternal Perdition ";. O turn, warn, O fnneas