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6 8 Golpel lemf siona and difjiofition in their hearts, to call upon the Name of God for afliftance, direction, and a blefiing on all they undertake ; they delight now to repair unto God and call upon him ; as God calls unto them, fo they call unto him ; for that is the gib -way of God according to his work in the foul, he puts a gra- cious frame into the foul anfwèrable to it : As in Election thofe whom he elects, when God calls them home he puts a gracious difpofition in their hearts for to elec`} him ; as God choofes the foul from the world, fo the foul choofes God above all things in the world, the foul anfwers to God : God fers his heart on the foul, and fays, I will choofe thee for me ; the foul again Pets its heart upon God, and fays, I will choofe thee for my God ; as God calls the foul to come and live to him in the ways of grace,while he lives in this world ; fo the foul calls on God for his allîftance, that he would give his help in unto himon all occafions ; and therefore the Scri- pture gives us this expreflion for the whole Worfhip of God, Rom.' o.13.Whofoever calls on the Name of the Lord(hall be faved ; that foul that is acquainted with Gods call, that foul calls on God again : And by the way, thofe that are thus cal- led, are fitteft for Church-Communion I mention this, be- caufe the word. tranflated Church comes from a Greek word that lignifies to call out; that which in Scripture is ufually called a Church, liignifies nothing elfe but this, a Company of People called out of the ways of fin to the embracing the ways ofgodlinefs ; fo that the Church fhould confift of Peo.. ple called out of the ways of .fin, by the powerful and effi- cacious voice of the Spirit of God ; and they that are thus called have their fins pardoned ; you fay, you hope God bath juftified you ; you read what God fays, and what bath been prefented unto you ; they who are called they are juftified ; then Calling, in order of nature, goes before Juftification ; this you will find in your own hearts, and ifnot, this you muff do, when ever you come before God to hear the outward call, you muff come with a waiting frame of heart to hear the inward call , and call upon God with fuch a difpofition fay, Lord I have been taught that there is an outward call of thine in the Word, and an inward call, and I am going t'Kis day