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Go#el enifsion. 167 you ; this is the way in the ro dinary call ofGod, and though God fandifie force from the womb , yet afterwards by a mighty work of the Spirit he difcovers unto them what the foul is by nature there is fomewhat like this even in thole that are fantified from the womb , though God in an extra- ordinary way draw the foul out from tin into the ways of life ; but generally there are in the ordinary way of Gods working, thefe three or four voices calling to the foul. i. Says God to the foul, Ofoul thou art madefor God, andfor Eternity. 2. O f ul thou art now in the ways of Hell, and ofeternal per- dition, and mull of neceífìty . perith in it. 3. O foul, behold here are the ways of life and falvation reveal'd unto thee, and fet before thee in the Gofpel of my Son. And laftly, O foul come in, and thou fhalt have favour and acceptation in my Son ;3 thefe are the four voices in Gods call ; I do not fay every one hears them plainly and diftinftly , yet they do for the fubitance of them in the ordinary' way of the difpenfation of Gods grace : Every foul that God juftifies they are thus called of God, and 'tis a prevailing call, that brings then in to-lúbmit unto it : Again, concerning this call of God be- caufe the Scripture fpeaks much of it, as the The of God further; mark it, That foul that once he r bring it into the ways of life, that foul will evermore de- pend span Gods call in all other things ; if God bath called me out of the ways of death, into the ways of life, in obedience to that call that my foul bath yielded to ,. I fhall Ipe ever- more under the power of Gods call in all other things , let God call me to what he will, to what fervice he pl,eafes, to whatfoever difficulties and fufferings he fhail1 think meet, my foul is content, and fays, Fiere I am, Lord#eak,, thy f r vant hears. Now for a foul tobe fo under God, as to wait -upon the call of God to any duty, fervice, and imployment, that it dares not go about any thing but according to the call of God ; this is a good Evidence that fuch a foul bath been acquainted with that great call of God, that powerful call of God to bring him off froth the ways of fin into the ways of life and falvation. Further, thole that have been ac- quainted with this call of God, there is an anfwerabie frame