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Gofpel Remi/3ion. 171 him ; then be of good comfort, thy fins are pardoned. Thirdiyr Tab <fe whofe fins God bathpardoned, he bath tran- J1 ited them into the Kingdom of his Son ; theScriptures ex. preis there things divers ways, and they have a diverfeconfi- deration in them : Now ground this note our of Col. 1, 13, 14. Who hath delivereduifrom thepower ofdarknefs, andhath tránflated we into the Kingdom of his dear Son; mark what follows, Inwhom we have Redemption throcagh his Blond, the forgivenefs of fins ; forgivenefs of fin is the end of Gods tranflating ofus into the Kingdom of his clear Son, in giving Redemption throughhis Bloud, even the forgivenefs of fin ; fo that whofoever God bath given Redemption to through the Bloud ofChri fir, even the forgivenefs of fin, that is, for- givenefs of' fin being the fpecial part of theRedemptionwe have by the blood of' Chrifl, fuch an cne is tranflared into the Kingdomof the dear Son of God ; What is thatyore xi'ill fa ? yr. This notes a great change that there msefix be upon thofe that are pardoned , becaufe the Scripture expreffes it thus, they arc tranfläted into another Kingdom, a Kingdom of the Son of God, the dear Son of God; it is dear mercy ofGod that tranflatesa foul into the Kingdom of his dear Son -; it feems naturally we are in another Kingdom , and have another K ngbe(ides the Son of God, and have another Soveraign ; 'tis certain we are fo naturally, we are under the power of Satan, and in his Kingdom ; but now when God comes to i edeem a foul, and grant forgivenefs of fin, he tranflates it out of that Kingdom, and fuch a foul refutes to be a fubjeet to Satan any longer, or a fervant to his luí1 any longer : but now Chriíl(hall be my King, the Son of God by whom I- cx?ea Reconciliation, he (hall be my King, and his Laws {hall rule in my heart, and his Scepter (hall fway in my foul ; now no more thall my own thoughts, counfels, opinions, will and aflteaions rule me, but Jefus Chrïfl (hall be fetupupon the throne of my foul, and he amid bemy King ; I before was led (a poor vile ignorant wretch) by the cufloms of e- thers, and example of others, and what they required ofme by their laws in the matters of his :worfhip ; but nowChrifl Z z iha11°