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17Z Gofpel kmifs'ion. flail be my King, I will expo ft my law from him ; andall obedience I do to man, it fluall be in order to di :s Chrifl my King ; this is a tranflarion into the Kiagdom of God, when the foul feels the power of Clarift ruling in him, and over- fwaying him, and the foul looks up to Chrifl for its proae6ti- on and provision, and &fires above all things in the world, to let up fetus Chrifl as his King in all the waysofhis Go- vernment, both in his own heart, and the world too, and longs to hear that voyce, when it fhall be laid, The Kingdoms of thta world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord and Saviour Yefus Chrifl, and he (hall reign for ever and ever ; Thus thofe that have redemption through the blond of ChM}, even the forgiven.efs of fins, they are tranflated into the Kingdomof his dear Son ; and as the Scripture fpea ks, They have the Kingdom if God within them; that is an expretfion of the Holy Ghof}in the Gofpel. Now this you are to examine your hearts upon; What of the Kingdom ofChrifl you have within you ? Do you live and walk as one that hart the Kingdom of Chrift within you? Is Chrifl asa King and So- veraign over your thoughts, words and a&ions ? And do you look tohim for the,law of your thoughts, words and-ac`tions, andwalk before him as your Sovcraign Lord, depending on him toknow his will continually, and fear and honour him as a King : If the Kingdom of Chrifl be in you, that is, if Akre Gofpel have an effeE}ual work upon you ; for the Gofpel in the power of it is ordinarily expref} by the Kingdom of Heaven; when the Word comes to any place, the Kingdom of Heaven is fail to come ; is would take up a great deal of time, to 1latw wherein the Holy Ghoft calls the Gofpel the Kingdom of Heaven ; but it is called the Kingdom of Hea- ven, becaufe it is the Kingdom of Chrifl that is Lord from Heaven, and Chrifl rules in it by the preaching of the Go- lpel: But now, though it ke the Kingdom ofHeaven, and the Kingly power of Chrifl be in the preaching ofthe Go. fpel, yet this does not prevail upon all forts ; it is like a net that is caft into the Sea, the meaning of it Items to be no- thing elfe, but that the preachingofthe Gofpel, am@ng a mul- ttudeofPeople, is like a net cafi into the Sea, wherein.fonae L are h