Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

74 Gofpel Remi/lion. fin ; and therefore Iwill but mention them now to flrengthen this noteof rryal. r . Huth Godforgiven thee ? tben he hath given hid Spirit to inlighten thee in the great myfiierie.r of Salvation ; thou picadef} thou art ignorant , and art not Boole learned ; if Godhave fo great a favour for thee As ro pardon thy fia, he will give theeunder flanding in the myfleries of the Gofpel, jer. 3 i, 34. where God pardons fin , they (hall have this mercy to be taught of him. 2. God 2vi1'give this unto thee, he will write his Law in thy heart ; chat is , he will work in thy heart a hirable frame and difpofition to hisLaw that thy heart and the Law of God fhallbe like two copies, that have the fame things in them, and vary not one title from =one another ; there (hall be a futablenefs between thy heart and the Law of God ; no only to do that which God requires,becaufe I mull doit ; but becaufe I find it futable to the new nature bellowed on me he will write his Law in theheart ; and therefore I pronounce before theLord this day again, that whofoever has his fin pardoned, and his iniquities forgiven , that God hath writ his Law in the heart of that man or woman by the finger of his own Spirit ; that heart of thine that was asa heart of f}one, God will write his ownLaw thereon, ashe did on the Tables that Mofes broke; though always thou hall not a real fight of ir, yet fuch a thing is there, and is a comfortable affurance of the pardon of thy fir. 3, Godgives healing mercies to cleanfe thee from thyfin, Jer. 3 3. 8. 13'ilicleanfe them fromtheir inigatities, and pardon all theirfins ; clean fing from fin and pardonoffin, they ever go together; if God pardon thy fin, he cleanfes thee from fin ; donot look therefore only after pardoning mercy, but like - wife after cleanfing mercy ; thofe whom God hath joyned to- gether, let no man put afunder; pardoning and cleanfing God hath pat together : God may bellow other mercies as health, flrength, and fuccefs in outward things without par. don ; but never cleanfing from fin without pardonof it : and therefore ifthou findef} thy heart cleanfed, Peace be to thy foul, thy fins are forgiven. Fifthl!