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Gorpel Remiflion. are catcht, and others remain worldly, filthy, andgood for nothing, that is the meaning of theTeat, and not any war- rant at all for r?áíxt Communions ; but only thus;" where the Preaching of the Gofpel" is, there are Tome fifIles good and worthy to be received, and others that are to be cafl" out Now, as there is an external Kingdom, fo there is an intern- al Kingdom ofChrifk within our hearts ; j efus Chrifl him- felf fets up his Throne in the hearts of every man-and woman tvhofe fins are pardoned, that is a certain truth ; and chin day in the NameofGod I pronounce unto you, that ifyour fin be pardoned, Jefus Chrifl hath let up his Throne in your hearts ; and if you find anyother Throne andLord but Chrifi to rule you, know from God that your fouls are yet in the gallofbitternefi and the bond of iniquity, and your fins are not pardoned; but that foul, who in the Preachingof the Gofpel can fay, Bleffed be God I have felt Chrifl come into my heart, and prevailed upon ate ; and now Chrifls Laws are the Laws I delire to be ruled by ; God knows I'know but little of them, but I w ill labour to underhand thembet- ter ; therefore I come this day, that Imight know moreof the Law of God, and that jefus Chrifi might rule more powerfully in me than ever he bath done ; if this be wrought in thee, I" fay unto thee in the Name of Chrifl, be ofgood comfort, thy. fins are pardoned, God will (hew good unto thee when this world is ended ; theta art one that jefus Chrifl hath brought into his Kingdom, and let up his Throne in thy heart, and- therefore thou may'fl be affured) that he will take theeat lall intohis everlaflingKingdomh giving fut.; Fourthly, Where God forgives, hegives much; lowsforgiving; God never forgives any., but he gives mach to that foul whom lie forgives : As in that cafe when the A. ponies preacht the Do trine of forgivenefs and pardon of fin, the Holy Ghofl fell upon them ; fo certainly, where the.. Preachingof pardon of fin hath power through the Mini- [try of the Gofpel over a foul ,. God givesmuch to that foul and there are three things efpecially that God gives pre- ientlyimto the foul whom he pardons, which have all been. mentioned before in opening the.bleilednefs .of pardon ,of Z ran; 3