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GolPel Xeyn1síon. -i t glorious myfteries in it, the Argument Rands thus ; That mart or woman for whom,God ¡hall work, fuch a work as bath multi- tude of glorious myfteries in it ; that man or woman is bleffed But where ever fin is forgiven, Godworks for that foul fuch a ftrange work , the ftrangeft that ever he did ; a work that bath io many admirable myfteries in it, that in the opening of themwill declare every way that this foul is bleffed. And this is the bufinefs I would now do, to open the myfteries that are in the forgivenefs offin ; and it is to this end, that as I might fer before you thegreat work of God in pardoning fin, fo alío that you might have higher thoughts of it than ever you had before, for that's it I aim at, to raife up the thoughts of men to the right underftanding of this great point of the Juftificationof a finner, that fo you may fancifie Gods Name , by having fuch thoughts of it as the thing it felfcalls for. Ofthe firfi Myfterie, It is by means ofa Mediator. I. Where fin is forgiven, it is by means of a Mediator, be- tweenGodand the Soul, it is through the Mediation of theSorg ofGod,obferve ir,for there is no point in all Religion is ofgreat- er ufe to underftand, than this point of the way ofGod in-par- doningof fin,becaufeof the manymyfteries of God contained in it ; I hope I fhall make it appear it is no flight work and bufi- nefs: Mark then,when God pardons fin,'tis always done through the mediation of the Son of God God never pardons any fin- ner as a Prince does ; when a Malefac`for hath offended him, he comes and humbles himfelf, carts himfelf down at his feet, and cryes, I pray Sir forgive me, and he (ayes, Well, I will for- give you Godnever forgives any fin thus ; and yet it is thus with people when they come to God for pardon, molt of then never think of anyother way. Friends, there muff be a great deal more than fo : for whofoever bath his fins forgiven , it muff be by the venue of the mediation and interceffion o1 the Son of God, he muff Rand up before the Father, and mediate for thy foul : if all the Angels in Heaven flood up to mediate, it would not be fuñcient ; but theSon of God alone mull; do it 'tis as if a Malefactors condition was fo, that the mediation C 2, of