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to. Goff el (ke»zijsiozz. i muft be a mofl glorious work of God wherefoever it fs : And.` this Confideration is a mighty Argument to uphold a poor foul under trouble of fin , and a great incouragement for him to come in for pardon ; Doft thou fee O troubled foul Gods wrath againft thee, and doff thou fland quaking at the apprehenfion of the evil of fin ? let not thy heart fink, come in, and call thy felfon the free grace of God, there is a poflibility for the pardon of thy fin ; for when God comes to pardon fin, the mercy God Thews in pardoning ofany one fin, hedoes it to the end that he might magnifie the riches of his grace to all eter- nity, and fuch mercy that frrves to that end muff needs be glo- rious And will not fuch mercy ferve thy turn, as muft fet out the infinite rich grace of God ? God is pleafed to manifeft thus muchmercy for the forgivenefs of thy fin ; and where a firmer is forgiven, it is this mercy that is manifefted : when men judge of God by themfelves, they think (lightly of him, when they judge of Gods thoughts by their own What is the reafon that makes fanners have fuch flight thoughts of fin, but becaufe they judge ofGod by themfelves, that he abhors fin no otherwife than man does, and fo hope they may do well enough, mea- furing the infinite hatred that God hath to fin by their own : fo on the other fide, the fanner that is convinced of the dreadful evil of fin is ready to defpair ; Why ? becaufe he judges of God by himfelf ; as if the mercy of God were no other than the mercy of man ; not confidering the mercy of God in pardoning fin, is fuch mercyas is to Thew his grace in the riches of it to all eternity. Well then, that man to whom fuch mercy is Ihewn muff needs bevery bleffed. e CHAP.- III. Of the wonderful ,Myf?eries of Godlinefs in forgivenefs of Sin. Hardly, Bleffed is the man whofe fins are forgiven, becaufe there is a glorious myfterie of godlinefs in forgiving of fin ; the work of God.: in forgiving a firmer bath abundance of glorious