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Goel Xey4on. 8 C'HAP. XVIII. Ofthe Rules how to apply the Evidences of Pardon of Sin.. I T is a matter of great concernment to us, totr y whether our fins are forgiven ; for in times of danger our hearts are ready to fink ; but the Evidence ofthis, that our fins are forgiven will hold up our hearts in themidi of the greateft dangers whatfoever ; if Heaven and Earth fhould meet toge- ther, if.I have affurance of this, for fo it follows, after David' had pronounc'd him. bleffedwh9fe fns were forgiven, Verfe 6. Surely in the floods ofgreat waters theyPall not come nigh unto him there may he floods of great waters, but he that hash his fins forgiven, God f all preferve him and compafs him about withfangs ofdeliverance ; but they that have their fins compafs them about, fhall have horrour and terrour to compafs them about ; but fays David, having affurance his fins were par- doned, Thou art my hiding place, and thou fhalt compafs me about ; therefore if your hearts clofe with thofe Evidences given, you may have comfort in the great water floods, God will be a hidingplace unto you ; it concerns very much to la- bour to purthis out of doubt , and not to put it off toa fick -- bed, or death-bed time of examination ; but now to thofe Evidences there is another thing, which is ofgreat concern- ment in this Point, and that is to give force rules how to make ufe of thofe or all other Evidences that shall be given at any time for tryal of any : EfpecialIyfor the tryal of our Rates in point of Juftification or Sanctification, but they will be helpful to the ufe ofany other Evidences whatfoever. Firfl is this (that you may be able to apply thofe rules of Trial and Evidences given) thoughyou cannot find them all, yet ifyoufind but any one of them, you may receive comfort from that, though youfeel not the refl; you may be affured that the ref are there : Many a foul, many times hears Evidences of the happy condition in point of pardon of fin ; and , it may be, B_© there.: