Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

1 186 GoiJ el 1. em f Sion. there is one, two, or three, that they can catch hold on ; but there are forceothers they cannot take hold of them : if thou findeft but one of them in thy heart, though thou can'ft not feel or fee the other, yet God doth fee the other to be there within, though they be not made fo fenfible to you ; and therefore foul take hold of that which you can fee or feel, and be afi'uredthe other are there, though they are not feen ; if thoucan'ft take hold of one link of a chain, and all the other be faftened to it thou may'ft be able todraw the whole chain unto thee ; for by taking hold of one link thou takeft hold of the whole, though thou toucheft not the other ; fo in the workof Gods graces, they are as a link united to one another, and ifyou can lay hold of one link you may be affured of the other, although you fee them not ; it is with many in this point as it is with force ignorant man, the Phyfician tells him, hemuff take fuch a thing that muff have thefe and thefe ingredients in it; and when the Apothecary has mingled all, it maybe but one of thefe things can be feen in the colour andoutward appearance ; perhaps force one fyrup may take upall the colour in the outward part ; and when it is brought to him, Pays he, I muff have fo many Ingredients in it , and 1 fee but one ; I, but though you fee but one , yet there may be the efficacy of all in it , though but one give the co- lour; fo it is with the graces of Gods Spirit, though at the prefent force one appears , yet there may be the efficacy and power of them all in the foul, though there appear but one ; perhaps it is in this cafe , as among many ingredients you can fee and tart but one, yet there may be the power of twenty there, though neither feen nor tafted ; fo it is with the work of God in the foul, fometimes it may be, that there is but one grace to be feen, tatted, or felt, and yet where that oiie is, there are all the other ; fo that, that is one rule when you look for Evidences and Signs, if you can find but one inyour fouls, all are there ' as it is in fin, where one fin hach Dominion over the foul, though the others be not feen, yet we are to know that other fins have dominion over the foul too; though force men live under the,flavery of one fin more than another, as one man under the power of Govetouf