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Go fpe el yrü i ß on. 187 _. Covetoufnefs, another under the power of Ambition, or a- ny other fin ; this man may be thought to be under the power of but one fin, but the truth is, he is a flave to all fin : every natural man that is out of Chrift, is under the pow- er ofevery fin, he is a llave to the Devil in every fin ; but by reafon of the conftitution of his body, and for fome outward refpec s, he may refrain from fome particular fins that do not fo well fuit with him, whereas if it would ferve for his own ends and purpofesr he could as well commit any fin as that one ; this is a certain truth, Whofoever makes not Confci- ence ofevery fry, he makes Confèience of none ; though' he re- frain from the prac`fice of fome others,it is not out of Con- fcience, but for by-ends ; therefore he that is under the pow- er of one fin, is under the power of every fin :. Many think all men are fanners; and for their parts they have but a few'; fuch a fin I cannot leave, but I am free from all others ; Doff thou keep from all fin but one ? God will find thee un- der the power ofevery fin, and God will charge thee at the Tribunal as under the power of all fin ; fo now on the con- trary, Gods people are mightily troubled that they cannot find the work of Gods graces in all of them; fuch an one they find, but they want it in another, becaufe it is not fo e= vidently ftirring.as the other ; but as the truth is certain on one fide of the wicked ; fo 'us' true on the other fide of the godly ; that where there is one fin there is every fin ; fo where there is one grace, there is all grace ; there is the power of godlinefs in every grace where there's one grace ; that is the rule to helpus in making ufe of the Evidences before firif given. The Second rule is this, When ever we have found guy one Bvi dence,uponferious examination in the prefence ofGod, and now it appears not pofitively to the contrary at the prefent,but thou ar meerly dubious ofthofe things that heretofore thou haft'felt, be- caufe thou daft notfeel them now, in this cafe we may and fhould bave recourfe to what God has wrought heretofore ; and build upon the former workings of Gods Spirit upon us ; true it is, when we come to give Evidences in our Minifry of thole that have grace, we may meet at fuch a time with therm as. B b 24, that