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Gof]iel knit on. rifher of it," I john 1.9. the Apoftle fpeaks of the wonderful grace of God in Chrift to us ; Ifwe confcfs our fraas, he is not only ready toforgive, but to cleanfe usfrom there. And Chap. 2.1. My little children,' writeuntoyou thatyoufin not,that you take not liberty in any fin. They might fay, you write 'theta things that we finnot : but we have fnfui natures, and fo (hall certainly fall into fin for all this : Well, for the comfort or. Saints,. Ifany granfin, (ayes he, we have an Advocate with the Father : Jefus Chrift is prefentlyan Advocate though you fin through ignorance and negligence, and do not renew prefent acts of faith to fue out a pardop : yet fayes the Holy Gholt, yefus Chrift is an Advocate with the Father the Lord Chrift íta ids before the Father pleading that no evil may befall you for your fin ; this is the admirable priviledge of the Saints of God , a molt bleffed priviledge they have, by the Cove- nant of Grace ; that when they commit a fin, and may be take no notice, and may be Confcience is fo benum'd at prefent, that they go not toGod to Peek a pardon ; but may be lye in fin a long time together ; yet (ayes the Text,you have one that pleads your cattle : and it is from hence,that Gods wrath comes not c ut againft you ; becaufe youhave an Advocate with the Father : Well fayes the fecondverfe, And he is the Proeitiation not only forourfans, but the fins ofthe whole world ; he means believers : Now inver. 3. (ayes he, Hereby we know that we know him, If we keep his Commandments ; as if he had Paid, If we do not take. heedoffin and keep his Commandments, weknow not this grace. of pardon : if any that hear us Minifters teach this Doetrine, and fay they know him, and have no care to keep Gods Corn mandments, 'tis quite contrary to what the Apoftle (ayes ; he fays,Hereby we knew that we knowhim,if we keep hisCommand- ments;this knowingofhim,as it is a means tokeep hisCommand- ments, fo 'tis an argument we do know him when we dokeep his Commandments : v.4. He thatfayes 'know him, that is,Chrift, . to be a Propitiation and an Advocate,and keeps not hisCommand- ments is a lyar,. and the truth is not in him : That man that rea= fons thus, and fiyes,Well,I believe in Jefus Chrift, and I know my fins are pardoned through faith in him ; yea, and all the fans that. (hall be committed, a pardon is laid in for them, and I (hall