Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go#el Reynfsion. fhall never enter into condemnation : Doft thou fay fo, andyet keeptii not Gods Commandments ? Haft not thou the Conièi- ence, and the rather upon the knowledge of this, tokeep Gods Commandments ? the Holy Ghoft fayes, Thou art a lyar, and there is no truth in thee ; and thou wert never acquainted with this myfterie of godlinefs. When it is underftooi in a natural way, men may abufe it ; you may know what I mean by a natu- ral way, andGod knows you have need of Information ; by a natural way I mean by the light of Natural Reafon , and all other helps of learning on this fide the work cfthe Holy Ghoft but when men underftand it by a powerful work of the Holy Ghoft, they that know it thus, this knowledge will make them more careful and confcionable to keep Gods Commandments ; and if anyman fay he knows it thus, and does not keepGods Commandments, he is a lyar, and the truth is not in him. Further, If a man fhould reafon thus . Well, if there be fuch a myfterie in pardon of fin, and that God when he pardons fin at ñrft, layes in a pardon for all fin afterward , this will make Way for more fin : Take noticehere, of the infinite perverfenefs of the heart of man fuppofe it were not thus, but the contrary were true, that God indeed pardoned the fins of a believer coming tohim ; but ifever he finafter pardon, let him look to it, he (hall thenbe under the fentence of death and condemnation upon this a mans heart would not be more ingaged to feek af- ter Chrift, but would reafon thus ; Well, I may labour and take pains, and fuffer much to get a comfortable aflurance of thepardon of fin ; but what ofall this, the next day, the next hour I may fin again, and be in the fame cafe I was before, fo that which way foever things go, men will reafon againft God for their tufts ; I fhall put it to you, or to any heart that may be fuppofed tohave attended on God , yea, and bath received grace ; Which of thefe Dothrines ingage the heart molt for God ? either this Doctrine, or the other ; whether that you be- lieving that God will pardon fin ; yet if you fall into any new fin, you are under a fentence of condemnation ; or thus, that God is fo gracious, that he not only pardons fin for prefent, but for your incouragement hé fo pardons it, that though you through infirmity fall again into fin , he will not cut off his kind-