Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GoJel Pemfsion. his boltsxid chains, and raife him unto favour, bring him into his Privy Chamber , and open his whole heart and all the myfteries of the Kingdom to him , here is a great change ; thus does God to poor (inners , that he pardons : A foul that lyes under the guilt of fin, is juft for all theworld like unto a ialefacior that lyes in a dungeon, that hath bolts and fetters on him ; the guilt of fin is like bolts and fetters on thy foul : Well,thou lyeft there fait bound ; but when God comes in with pardoning mercy , God fends to thee in this dungeon, and knocks 'off thy bolts by pardon, and not only fo, but calls thee into his Privy Chamber, and opens his heart and bofome unto thee, and reveals thofe things that were kept Lcret from the beginning of theworld: Princes do not aiwayes deal Co with Ma- lefaftors, if they pardon them they think they have done enough for them; they may afterwards go and fhift for themfelves, they are not called into the Privy Chamber to have the King open his fecrets unto them; but it is certainly fo to every foul God pardons ; he pardons none, but whom he calls into his Privy Chamber, and reveals unto him the great Counfels of his will, andwhat has been the great thoughts of his heart, for the good of than foul from all eternity ; though force fouls have more light than others, yet to no foul that is pardonedbu: God comes in with a great and glorious light ; and in refpec`f of the light of Nature, it may be called a glorious light : there is not the weaket and pooreft creature in the world that is par- doned , but he underftands more of the light of Gods grace and Covenant , than the greateft Do&ors or Rabbins in the world , and though he cannot fpeakor talk fo much of thefe thff gs, yet he dare venture his foul on thofe thoughts he hath of Gods good will made known unto him in the Covenant ; no Rabbin in the world, though he can talk much of thefe things, yet he dares not venture his foul for the eternal welfare of it and his eftate upon God, to do with him as he pleafes ; but a believing foul dares venture his Nome, his Eftate, his Life, yea, his eternal life on God, he dares to put them all intohis hands, and to fah a foul, God will revcal hisCovenant,\Pfal. 25.14. God will grant this mercy, that he will reveal his Covenant, and all the fecrets of it (hall be made known unto him ; you F 2 that