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Gofpel emfsióa. tha: complain of dulnefs of underftanding ; you fay you hear excdient myfteries and. do not underftand them, there is furely much in 'akin I fee f©me weight and excellency in them to be found out, and I hopeGod in timewill difcover them unto me, bug I know for the prefenr; you take a courfe to get under-. f aird ing byattendance on the outward Ordinances , it is good to ufe all means, as reading and conferring with other Chrifti- ans, and pray over what you hear there are excellent : But the great and fpecial means to get Paving underftanding in the myfteries of the Gofpel is this;Caft down your fouls at .the foot - ftool of God, and cry for pardon of fin ; it may be guilt of fin. is upon thy heart, let that be thy work to get off the guilt of fix, and cry for Gods juftifying mercy in Chrift guilt being re- moved, God will let out to thy -foul the Revelation of his Co-. venant in aglorious manner, he will reveal his fecrets to theet fo that upon this there is a holy boldnefs a fnner comes to have: in the pretenceof God. Suppofe a Malefactor come to Court under his guilt being not pardoned ; alas, he dare fcarce look in at Court-gate ; and when he comes, he keeps in fome out- room, and dares not ftir any further than he is called ; but take another that is pardoned, he comes in boldly and goes from one room untoanother, yea into the very Prefence-Chamber , and there can open his mind fully tothe King , and fpeak out alL his heart ; and this is a, great difference between one under the guilt of fin and another that is pardoned'; one under the guilt of fin.he dare fcarce go to Prayer, and thinks God cafls away his perfon and his fervices, and that nothing is regarded ;. but when God comes topardon,h.e calls the poor finner that was, under trouble before,.to comeand draw near to him, and faith, fear not, open thymind andheart to me, Lam..3. 5.5, 56. 57. I calledupon thy Narne,OLord,out of the low dungeon. 57.In the. day that I calledupon thee thou drewelt near andfaiditfear not Every poor foul that is juftifìed, may fay, God knows when I was under the guilt offin, I was cafe into the low dungeon,, and the chains of guilt were upon me there,. but through thy grace thou haft heard my voyce, hide not thy ear at my brea.h-, ing, at my cry thou cant not cry ; yet if thoubeeft one whom. Go.d.hath received to mercy,, thou maiít. have confidence that. ssiadi