Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Goìe! fern fsiora. his foul untoGod, which cannot be done by any other way in the world, to have liberty to pour out our whole fouls into his bofoin , is from faith, and comes in as a fruit of juftiftcation, David 1..o' armed Abfalom, but would not let himfie his face but Ciud never pardons any foul, but he gives free liberty for that foul, to come in.ohis pretence and open it felf fully unto him ; this is a fecond priviledge, Pardonoffri is an inlet to ma- ..ny other mercies. OfPardonofSin malting all other Mercies to be Mercies. 3. Pardon of fin is not only an inlet to many other mercies, but it is fuch-a mercy as ma4es all other mercies to be mercies, and without which no other mercies would be mercies ; by this all other mercies are mercies : when once a foul comes to be pardoned , it may look upon all it bath in a far Tweeter way than ever it could before ; by this hemay look upon Houle and Land, Wife and Children, Eftate and Friends, he may look upon thefe as mercies indeed ; Why ? for he has a pardon, his fins are pardoned. As a man fuppofing he is charged, found guilty, and condemned, having a fair houle, rich furniture, .tweet yoak-fellow and children, andall things he could delire ; but fayes he, What are all thefeto teeing I am a condemned -man ? Well, he goes and gets a par on unexpec`}edly, andnow he returns to his Houle, Wife and Relations again, and all are tweet unto him,whenhe injoyes them with apardon,he looks up- on them wi:h another mannerof eye than he did before. Thus there is this difference between the enjoyment of outward com- forts in this world when fin is pardoned, and before it was par- 'cloned ; thou haft Houles and Land, Tweet Yoak-fellow, and Children, trading at Seaand Land, and all things thou canft de- fire but what is all this to thee, while guilt of fin lyes grating on thy Confcience ? Well, God comes into thee with pardon- ing mercy, and takes away thy fin, the guilt ofwhich laycorro- ding on thy Confcience, then thou maift loßk upon thyEftate, Wife, Children, and all thycomings in to Lhee, as coming from the fame eternal Fountain of Godseternal to e,that Jefus Chrift liimfelfcame from ; this is amighty Argument to perfwademen to