Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gof]el R envision. 37 Godwill bear the voice ofthybreathing:as thoucomeft toPrayer, and canf not tell what to fay ; mark,canathou breathe.Gods ear lies open to the breathings of a foul he hash received tomercy ; thou cameft to nie,! was a great way off fhaking and trembling, and thou drew'fl near to me, and faidftifear not, v.57. fo a poor foul under the guilt of fin he [rands fliaking and trembling ; but when God comes topardon,he fayes to thee fear not, and becaufe thou dar'ft not come to himhe comes to thee,and fayes peace be to thee,fear not,Heb. i o..i 6.the Apo:Ile (peaking of theCovenant that Godwill make, in v.i .fayes, Theirfns.and iniquities will "remember no more , and v.18. Where remgifion offin is, there is- no more offering forfin ; in y. i 9. he infers that now therefore, We have boldnefs to enter into the holieft by the bloodoffefus; and V.21.1-laying anHz h Prieft over the HoufeofGod,let us(v.22.) draw near with a true heart in full affurance of faith God having made a new Covenant,. and faid, Their fins and iniqui ties Iwill remember no more ; therefore we have boldnefs, fayes the Apoftle, to enter into the HolyofHolies r In the time of the Law under the Jewifh. Pedagogynone might enter intothe Holy ofHolies but the High Prieft, therewas but little accefs into the Holieft in. the time of the Law-; but now when the Gofpel comes, Chrift having offered up himfelf a Sacrifice there needs no more Sacrifices, he at once ha, ing purged away fin by his own blood,.. has openeda new and a livingway that we may come with boldnefs now into the Holiefi : fo that a believingfoul need now not i'rand a. far off fhaking, but may come in to the Privy- Chamber; and enter into the Holy of Holies, and draw near with a true heart in full affurance of faith : and'this comes from, fin pardoned ; Oh bleffed is he that hashhis fin pardoned, that- has fuch a priviledge following thereupon,Eph.3.12.In whom we have boldnefs and accefs with confidence by the faith of him,. Chrift being our High Prieft we have boldnefs, liberty offpeech,, bo the Original ; a great many knownot how to pray, and they think all the Prayers of the Saints have nothing, in then- but a: great deal of Non-fenfe , becaufe they undèrftand not what the work ofGod. is in thehearts- ofhis people ; the Säints have by faith in him liberty of fpeech, there is a'.bleffed freedom a, gracious heart hath5,, being once juftifiedby Chrift, to of :n