Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

r__-___ Go.fpel emifsion. have afi&ions as the fruits of fin, then they are heavy Sand grievous indeed ; in this cafe whenafi&ion comes for fm, and fin comes to prey upon a man in time ofof lidion, it is juif as a Bailiff fet on by a cruel Creditor, that comes to a poor man in debt, and he lye fick ; the Bailiff takes away his Stools, Table, Bed and Pillow , and all he bath to help and comfort lm, leaves him not a Pillow to reft his weary head upon : fo when a finer lyes fick, and under afi&ion, guilt of fin comes and takes away all thy comforts ; if thou haft any Promife; as a Pillow to reit thy head upon , guilt of fin will rake it away ; guilt of finpulls and tears away every comfort, and everygood thatfinnersthould have to refrefh themfelves withal in afli.i&i- on : But when the guilt of fin is gone., thou maift lay thy head down in quiet, and reft upon a Promife, and it will make afi&ion very eafie, that thou !halt have no caufe to make com- plaint as formerly thouhadft, Ifa. 33. ult. The Inhabitantjh.ill not fay, I amfick,; mark the ground of it, for the People that dwelt thereinfhall be forgiven their Iniquity ; when God comes to beftow this great mercyof pardon , the Inhabitants dull not make fuch dolorous complaints of aft&ion and trouble upon them : fayes Luther, ftrike Lord,ftrike, for Iam abfolvedfrom myfin ; if once God h61 abfolved thee, or any poor creature from their fin, it is not in the power of any afflt&ion to di- fturb them, Job 34. 29. When he gives quietnefs, who cangive trouble ? andwhen hehides hisface, who then can beholdhim ? whenGodgives quietnefs, as he doth in forgivenefsof fin, then, who can make trouble ? let there be never fo many rumors in the world ofwar, bloód, and miferies , as ifHeaven and Earth met together ; yet if God give quietnefs to the heart, in affurance of forgivenefs of fin, who can bring trouble ? it is not in the power of all the world to difturb his foul whofe fins are for- given ; Pardon offin is that peace the world cannot take away therefore bleffed is the man that hath his fins pardoned. OfHealing, the fruits of Pardoning Mercy. .Where Godpardonsfin,he heals that foul&fanthfies it bythe immediate fruits of the Spirit, wherefoever it is, and this is a G z great .4;