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4 4 Gofpel temfsioti. great bleffednefs ; who is there that underftands the evil of fin that fees not this a great bleffednefs, not only to be delivered from the guilt of fin, but allo from the uncleannefs of fin too ; and that Solidification or freedom from the power and flavery that there is under the bondage of fin is a fruit of forgivenefs of fin wili appear by divers Texts of Scripture. I (hall not fpeak to ail, but only fome that make this bleffing to be the conic- dueuce or immediate fruits that flow in upon forgivenefs, ter.. 3 I. 3 3,x3 4. there Godpromifes toput his law into our inward parts : But what's the groundof it ? in verfe 34. I willforgive their iniquities, and remember their fins no more ;. the writing of Gods Law in our inward parts, delivering us from the power of fin, and fandifying our hearts comes in as a fruit of Gods forgivingus our iniquities, Rom.6. i4. Sinfhall not have domini- on overyou; why ? becaufe you are not under the Law, but under Grace : Now this is the great grace of the Gofpel , torgivenefs offin, you are under that, and therefore it is that fin cannot have dominion over you ; as if the Apoffle had faid, you may re- folve againft fin, and do what you can to oppofe it, and ftrive as much as poflibl.e you are able to fubdue it ; yet fo long as you remain under the law,fin will certainly have dominion over you, and you will be under the flavery of it, until you come under the grace of the Gofpel, and partake of that, Col. 2. 13. ult.. .Andyou bath he guickped together with him, having forgiven you alltrefpafes ; fo that quickning and. Sanctification is a fruit of forgiving of all their trefpaffes,, r: Cor. 15.5.6, 57.. The fling ofdeath is fin,and thetrength offïn,is the law , but thanks Ki be to God that giveth us the tory through our Lord yefus Cbrifl, the ftrengthof.fin is the Law. Gods Juftice in the Law giving men up unto fin, there lies the ftrength of fin. But now God through Chriftcoming to men in the grace of the Gofpel, there comes deliverance from the ítreng4of'fin : perhaps fome of you have lain..under,the burden and power of fin, and you have thought theonly way to get victory, bath been to refolve and ftrive againft it, and,you have done fo, and yet you cannot get power over your fins : I remember onewriting to Luther, tells him, that he had vowed and covenanted againft his fin, and yet his finprevailed againft him, until heunderftood thegra-ce: of