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Gojpel Xemt toll. 4,5 of the Gofpel ; and fo may be have you done, and yet your fin prevails becaufe yota.take not this courfe : try the work of faith in point of Juftification ; renewyour faith in God, for the for - givenefs of your fin through Jefus Chrift, that's the ready way, try that courfe ; you that !Ave been tired in labouring againft. corruption, you have refolved and prayed, and fhed tears, and yet that will not do ; try this way, renewyour faith daily in point of Juftification, by laying hold of the infinite riches of thegraceofChrift in the Gofpel for pardon, for healing power to come in to help you againft that which holds you,and this will not hinder your duties ; you maypray,refolve, and fart as much as before, but be Pure your great care be to renew yourfaith in point of `uffification, and there will come more healing power by that in your fouls, than by any thing elfe ; if once you can . touch Chrift, the bloody ifl'ues ofyour fins that run before come . to be dryed up, which you could not dry up, though youfpent your time and pains, and did all you could do ;. here is a'great . difference between Gods forgivenefs and mans : a King may for- give, but he cannot change and heal but when God forgives,he. heals and takes away that evil difpofition from thee that did fo . weaken thee for all good.; Chrift when he comes, he comes . with healing in his wings ; now blefféd is the manwhole fins are forgiven, for that there follows- deliverance from the power of= fin, and a healingof the foul. Ofcomfort againft Deathfollowing on Pardoning Mercy. 6.Bleffed is he whofe finsareforgiven,becaufe fuch a manmay look,in the face ofdeathandjudgment withcomfort;Death when hecomes to a Natural Man, he comes as a Mefí'enger of God to . arreft theSoul at Gods fuit ; but where fin is forgiven, Death is made a means to bring thee to reft that, that would have, ar- relied thee is a means to bring thee to thy reft, Heb..2..1 , 15.. Chrift came to die : Nowwhat was the great bufinefs he came to die for, it was to purchafe a pardon for fin, and by his death to take away thepower oftheDevil, and deliver them that`through fear of deathwere all their life timefHbjeEf to bandyge; through. the fear of death, and nothing in all the world candeliverfron.. G 3 chg_