Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go f el Remi sion. 55 fweeten it, fuch an horrid thing as thedeath of the Son of God had need have forne great thing to fweeten it ; what now fweet- ned this to God the Father , that his own Son fhould be put to death ? Why ? nothing but this, that hereby finners might come to be redeemed,jufttfied and pardoned, nothing elfe would fweeten it to God the Father,but this does, Ifa.5 3. 16. Itpleafed the Lordto bruife him., and again, the pleafure of the Lardfhall profper in his hand ; the Scripture fays, God takes nodelight in the death ofa firmer ; and yet God did take delight in the death of his Son, it pleated God to fee his Son bruifed : when God the Father faw his Son under his wrath, fweating drops of water and blood under the curfe of the Law, it pleafed God well ; certainly then there muff be forne mighty thing that muff fweeten this, and make the death of his own Son adelightful objett to him ; Why ? the very thing that did it was this, that Chrift being madea curfe, he thereby did redeem us from the curfe, procur'd the pardon ofour fins, and reconciled us unto-' God and this very thing fweetned the death of the Son of God unto God the Father, therefore the heart of God was much in it. 2. For Chrift, What was the bufinefs that brought hi-m from the Fathers bofome, made him content to take our nature upon him, to fuffer, and to be a man of furrows, fo as to delight in it ? there was a kind of delight to Chrift in induring the wrath of God for with defirc(fays Chrift)have Idefred to eat this Pafs- over, becaufe it was the Preparation to his Death and Sufferings of the wrath ofGod, in all the fruits and effe&s of it for the fin ofMan and when Chrift came to inftitute the Sacrament of the Lords Slipper, and to give his blood for the remiflìon of fins, the Text fays, He gave thanks ; What did he give thanks for ? furely the thing for which he gave thanks , ( upon which the Supper of the Lord is called the Eucharift, from the Greek, word that lignifies Th ,nksgiving)was this, that by his death Re- mißìon offins fhottld be obtain'd: whenChrift was to die & fuf- fer all the wrath of God that was due for our fins, Chrift blefhed God& thanked God the Father for it: furely theremutt be force great matter to fweeten it ; that- he fhould be fo affefted as to biefs God the Father for that that colthim his life, and yet he did: Mark what it is that fatisfies Chrift for all this, Ifa. 5.3 . i It