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6o Go jel c&ern.lJsion. witnefs of the Spirit of God to tali fie unto thee that thy fins are pardoned. Now bleffed is the man, whole iniquities are for- given , feeing God the Lather, Son, and Holy Ghoft is fo much in it. CHAP. VIII. Of Pardoning Mercy being a PerfeCt Mercy. 8.Argu- BLefred is he whofe iniquities areforgiven, for this mercy is a ;spent. perfect mercy, that is, where God doth pardon any firmer, filch a one Elands as perfe& before God in point ofJufttfication asAbrah'im,lfaae,'Jacob,orany of theProphets or righteousmen that ever lived in the world :. thou poor Soul, Man or Woman, Youth or Servant,ifGod come unto thee,lnd pardon any ofyour fins, thou ffandeft as fully juftified as Abraham, Paul, Peter, or any of the Apoilles and Prophets; though in Sanc`lification thou falleft fhort of them , yet thou art juftified as perfeftly as ever they were : Juftification is an of that is done altogether and at once, therefore a perfec work ; and this is an Argument of infinite Confolation to the Saints of God, that the great bufi- nefs between God and them in point of Juftification is per- fec`led ; Pfal. 5 z. 7. Davidprayes to God that he would pnr e him with Hyfop and hefhould be clean that is, that he might be cleanfed by Juftification, by having the guilt of fin taken from his Confcience by a renewed aft of pardon ; and then as it fol- lows, I fhall be whiter' than Snow : the Saints of God though they be Sancgified, they are not whiter than the fnow in San- efification,,but in I-unification they are whiter than the fnow ; no fpct at all in them, Ephef. 5. 27. Chrifl' prefents his Church unto himfelfwithout fpot ; in point of Juftification every be- ieving foul is without fpot before the Lord, Numb. z 3. z i . Lie bath not beheld iniquity in facob that is, though God knows there is iniquity there,. yet he fees it not to charge themwith it, or impute it .to them ; all is done away in that regard by Juftification : it is obfervable to this purpofe , what we have