Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

To the Reader. God exalted, poor trembling 'inners incouraged to come to the Blood of Chop for Pardm pre. fumptuous jinners awakened out of their deadly de ludit¡g Dreams of Heaven, when -thy are .ready to drop into Hell. In a word, here thou may'll take a rviewof the Love of tl)e Father, the Grace of the Son, the Fountain opened for Sin, andfor Unclean.- nefs Cordial Waters of Life for finking and _faint in 'inners, here thou malfi behold Sin, Damning fin, finthat God4)ates,and ,cannot but hate ; Sin that God puniibtth, and cannot but punifh taken off thepoor believing finner and laid upon his Surety ; fin condemned and punifred in jefus aryl., and the Believing limier jullifyed, pardoned, acquitted, If therefore thou prieft peace with God through feJu's °rift Pray for light to direE thee into A diflinn knowledge of tkis Gofpel Truth , and take up this nook and read it, and the Lord sire thee underftanding in all thins, anfwerable to the Defign of the Author, an the Prayer of bite whoherd)) wilheth thy Salvation and groweth in the knowledge of God, and of our Lord and Sa. viour jefus Chrift. C. Helmes.