Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

The Stationer to the READ ER. Iris now long fince Iundertookthe Printing ofthis Rook,,and 'as my IncoHragements were many, fo I. had obtained of one ofthofe ReverendDivine:that havegiven their afteftatin ta . it, toperufe the Work, and hadhis Tefitmony that he heard thole Sermons preached ; andupon perufal ofthemfoundnot any thing e faterial left out , ofwhat the Author Mr. fer, Burroughs delivered ; and knowing that tïr, , Peter Cole (who fmery Printedmany ofthe !Author'sWorhs) had long laid wait and endeavoured tog-et this Copy out ofthe hands of thofe that pub_ lifhed theAuthor's Rookj,ófering as great Rewardfor the fame, but could not obtain it. Andnow at lafl beingfo much wiflied thereunto by bisfriends ; being affured that aT the whole is abtt;,.. dandy fpiritual and lovely in its e%llatter, and that wherein the .veryJpirit andflyle of Mr.: Burroughs is many e ed o there are many things(as I am informed)were .never,fomuc touch'd eipon, or handled byany other Writer, andyet are of very great Importance to be knownby all Intelligent andSober -mindedmen, d thoughtgood,having this flfsrance from them, to certifie fo much_to file Reader. Dor. Newnitrn, o