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Gojpel Remfsion. 63 not abide this grace ofGod, I know not how to open it to Be- lievers but with a great deal of danger to others ; but how much danger foever it may be to others, yet it muft be opened and delivered to Believers ; it is Gods mind that his grace ihoúld be nude known unto them, he would have them to know it,to the full, that his Pardoning Mercy is irrevocable ; and there- fore a Believer íhould not qu.ftion his Juftification up in every fading in his Sançtification, this is a diíhonour to the free and r ch grace of God, if on every failingwe call in queftion that great work ofthe Juftification of our fouls,either to fay,or think, I indeed did hope before that God had pardoned the fins of my youth, and all my antient fins, but falling into fin again, I am afraid all is undone ; all that Godha.h done untome is undone again , and I muft anfwer for all my fins : this I confefs will come upon the Confcience , fpecially upon the committitg of any new fizz ; but though it do, yet it ever you have been affured of the pardon of your fin, know , this mercy [hall never be recalled again : thefoundation of God fd'andethfore; and this is a fundamental mercy that aiwayes abides:therefore as we obferved in (nt. 4. 7. Chrift fayes,Thonart all my Love, there is no [pot in thee ; but in Cant. 5. 2. you (hall find the was ina sleepy fecure and finful condition, as a man or woman afleep , they might do what they would with her ; men might impofewhat they would uponher, put her in what pofture they pleafed,and yet the was unfenCble but yet in this condition her heart was awake, I fleep,but my heart waketh there remained a Principle of grace alive in her : but mark what Chrift faid, though he confeft the was afleep,yet Chrift fayes,Open to me my Sifter, my Love,my Deve, my tandcfiled : this was fpoken when the Church was in a fecure finful condition : yet this is the voice Of Chria calling therChurch his Sifter, his Love, his Dove, his Undefiled: one, when the was in that fecure condition ; which [hews the grace ofGod in pardoning fin is not called back again : and be- caufe this is a point whereinmuch treafure lyes, I fruit a little open the Irrevocablenefs of Gods mercy inhis Pardoning and'. Ju[fifying Grace ; and for this I fhall give you fore places of. Scripture, which being opened,, as they will ¡hew the greatnefs sf.the mercy fo they.. will afford abundant mat- ter