Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

62, Go#el Remijsiora. fhould I labour to follow hard after them, and get as near o them as I can in point of Sandification : this Argument Mould come with power and ftrength upon our hearts, to f(:ir up all our endeavours to be like to them in point of Sanctification, that are equal with them in point o:Juffification. HowMould we imitate e_wofes's Meeknefs, David's Love, Paul's Zeal, and fob's Patience. CHAP. Ix. Of Pardoning Mercy being an Irrevocable Mercy. Lefed are they that have their Inigccitiesforgiven, for it is vent 13 an irrevocable mercy ; whenGod'pardons fin, he never re- voles it again ; it is true, the foul that is pardoned may after- wards commit many offences,that may provoke the difpleafure of God againft him, yet he íhal( never foprovoke God, as to caufe him to revoke this mercy ofpardon to all eternity : ifthou art once pardoned ,thou art pardoned for ever : It is not fo with God in pardoning as it is with men ; a King pardons a Malefactor on condition of his good behaviour afterwards ; though it is true, a Believer will be more careful of offending after he is pardon- ed than ever before : But yet, God does not pardon me fo much on condition of my good behaviour as of his free grace, therefore it abides : He does not fay to a poor foul, I will par- ,don you, but it (hall be on this condition , that you behave your Pelf well, and ifyou be found tripping in any one thing, I will recal my pardon back again : it is fo with a Princes Pardon, a man that is pardoned for his life, if that man afterwards offend, perhaps breaks the Peace, which in another man would not be fo great a m fitter, for hecould foon fatisfie the Law for it ; but he that goes under pardon for his life , if he break the Peace, it colts him his life ; whereas another, ifhe firike a man, it is but an Affault and eery in him but he that has his Pardon for his lifer it to them áßp ;ione by him, his Pardon may be evoktion : it is obfervable to him his life : I hope you will not