Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GoJpel kmáfsion. Book to a Blie.ver, and caufes him to fee all his debts blotted out ; and by that he certainly allures the Soul his debt shall ne- ver be called for again , this is fuch a mercy as is Irrevo- cable, it fhall not be brought back again , the debt being once paid shall never more be called for ; this is the firft expreffion, and it is a bleffed one : Many men that are run into debt, and are in danger every hour to have fome Bayliffs arreft them, they cannot look out of their doors, but they are ready to fall upon them ; theywould think themfelves happy, if they might have any that would come and lay down all, and fatisfie the debt, and that they might fee the debt blotted out, they would think themfelves happy indeed : Well, know that it is fo with God when he comes to pardon fin, the Debt-book is blotted out, and all Bonds cancell'd. Secondly, Though they be blotted out, yet they maybe before Gods face, and Godmay fee them, though he will not call for them again : therefore the Scripture tells us, that God will take that courfewith the fins ofBelievers,as that he will caft them be- hind his back , and never fo much as lay the debt before his face to look upon them, Ifa. 38. 17. Thou hAft caft all myfins behind thy back,; that which Hezekáah fpake of himfelf, is true of every believing foul , God cafts the fins of every Believer behind his back ; when a man cafts a thing behind hisback, he does it to that end, that he might take no farther notice of it ; but though God cans a mans fins behind his back, yet if they be not very far, he may eafily turn his face and look upon them when hewill : therefore mark further, Thirdly, Another Scripture exprejon,Pfal.103. o. Asfar as the Eaft isfrom the Weft, fofar bath he removedour tranfgrcf- ons from au ; thus God expreffethhimfelf, to fatisfie the fouls of his people , that their fins fhall never be called for again ; the Eaft andWeft, it is an expreflion tonote out the utmofl di- ftance ; the Eaft andWeft are fo remote, thit thofe two Points cannever come together : fo the fins that God has pardoned to any foul, they Mall never be called for again. Fourthly,Though they be removed asfar as the Eaftisfrom the Weft;yet Gods eyes may l00%,agreat way off., though thofePoints be at fo great a diftance to our eyes, yet not fo to the eye of God a