Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gojpel .rl'`enai saon. remember them, to humble thy foul for them, and to renew thy repentance but he will not remember them to upbraid thee with them, nor would he have others do it. Beza fpeaking of himfelf whenhe was young, He madeforce vain and finful `Poems,which his Enemies upbraided him with afterwards, and call them inhis teeth, (ayes he, Thefe men envy me thegrace of God, becaufeGod has vouchfafed to me his grace, they envy me, and calf in my teeth the evil that I have formerly done : Oh what a comfort and priviledge is this to thee 1 Oh thou believing foul, though thou wer't never fo wicked and abominable before, yet I tell thee fromGod this day, in whofe prefence thou ftand- eft,that he will never remember thy fin any more ; and this may be a might/ encouragement for men and women to believe and turn from all their wicked wayes, though thou haft been never fo vile,abominable,and wicked : yet be it known nnto thee this day, that if thou wilt come in and believe, God will never mentionany of thywickedneífes more, they (hall be fo forgot- ten as they (hall never be mentioned ; thou it may be, art afraid that either here in this life, or at the day of Judgement all thy fins (hall be charged on thee ; well, be not afraid: perhaps there are many of you that are confcious to your felves of great fins committed ,; and youwould give a thoufand Worlds- tobe dif- charged of them : Oh fay force, there are fuch and fuch fins committed, that are fogreat, that they cannot be forgiven ; I may mourn and grieve for them, but what (hall I be the better ? the fins of myyouth lye fo heavy on me, and God and my own Confcience upbraidsme ; and what comfort can I have in my life, when God and my own Soul upbraids me ? Well, be of good comfort, and be incouraged, this day to come in and be- lieve this blefï'ed tidings , that where God pardons fin, he will mention them no more, and he will take it very ill at the hands of any that (hall mention them to upbraid thee for them. Seventhly, Yetfurther, tofetforth the fulnefs of this mercy, whenGodpardonsfin, they Pallbe fo done away as that they(hall not befound. Jens0.20.Inthofedayes the Iniquity of Ifrael (hall befoughtfor,andthere (hall be none ; ,andthe fins of Judah, and theyPall nitbefotand ; for Iwill par* them, whom I re- K 2 ferve