Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

r ° .OlZ. Go jel 1,ef,f CHAP. X. OfPardoning Mercy, being fach a Mercy as is denyed to the fallen Angels. Leffed is the Haan that bath his iniquitiesforgiven for this Io. A is a mercy that Godhath denyed to thefallen Angels : Godgument in pardoning thy fin , does more for thee than he would do for thofe thoufand thoufand millions of Angels ; it is a mercy that God has denyed to thofe millions of Angels that finned againft him : Suppofe a poor wretchedman be guilty of Treafon againft the King, and as he is, fo a great part of the chief No- bility of the Land are guilty alfo, as well as he : But now when the King comes to look upon them, he fets his heart on this peor man ( that perhaps- begged from door to door ) and fayes this poor creature {hall be forgiven ; I will pafs by his offence, and not only fo , but advance him into high and great favour at the Court, and condemns all the Nobles : Now if this poor man (hall fee all the Noble men in chains, that were guilty but of one offence : and he perhaps hath beenguilty for aing in a treafonable way forty, fifty, or fe.ventyyears ...and the No ble men guilty but for one offence : and this poor wretched cream ture fees thefe Noble men in chains, and knows that all they and every one of them are condemned to Puffer melt dreadful tortures , to dye a molt dreadful torturing tormenting death : Now what a mighty aggravation is this of themer- cy of the King , that (hall pardon the offence of this poor creature ; howwill he {land amazed, admiring at the greatnefs . of it I that am guilty of the fame offence, yea, more guilty than they , and that I (hall be pardoned s and the chief of the Nobility of the Kingdom muff dye a aloft torturing tormenting death, for their offence ; what .a difference hath the Kings fa- vour made between me and them ! Certainly this is the cafe for all theworld, with any poor foul whofe fins are pardoned ; God has done as much for .thee, to the full ; the Angels were the molt glorious creatures that ever Godmade, and thou art bur a.. pour worm in compárifon of them ; they finned againft him K 3 but