Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

7o Gofped lemifsion. but once, and thou art guilty of millions of tranfgre(lions, and yet God fets his heart on thee, and fayes, I will do great things forthee, though I pafs by thoufands, millions ofAngels ; I will magnifie my rich grace to this poor creature in pardon- ing his fin, and advance him to high favour , though I con- demn them into everlafting chains ofdarknefs; now when a poor creature comes to fee the infinite riches of Gods grace that bath made fuck a difference between him and the Angels : howwill he Band admiring ofit ? methinks this íhould mightily workupon the hearts of all poor finners, and make them to fay, What 'hall God pafs by fuch excellent creatures as the Angels, the moft excellent creatures that ever God made, and come to me a poor worm, to fet his heart on me, and 'hewmercy to me ; Oh let me pafs by all the excellencies of the creatures to perform my duty unto him ; Hath God pall by the moft excellent of his creatures that mercy might come to me ? Oh let me pats by all the glories and excellencies of any thing in this world, that my Soul may come in ; in a way of duty and fervice unto him : Shall God leave the glorious Angels to thew mercy to me , and to do good for me ; and 'hall not I leave my bate lulls for him ? Shall not I be con- tent to leave any thing to ferve him ? Shall I fatisfie any bafe lull, with the neglect ofhim ? God forbid. This is another Ar- gument, that they are bleffed that have their fins pardoned, becaufe God does that for them that he will not do for the fallen Angels. CHAP.