Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gofpel qùrnfsion: 71 CHAP. XI. OfPardoning Mercy beinggiven to a few. rvrther, Bleffed is he that bath his iniquitiesforgiven, be- x z. Ar- cauf it is a mercy that vsgiven but to a little handful ofthegumentk world, the whole world lyes in wichednefs, as carrion in a ditch, or as Prifoners under the chains ofguilt of fin, and yet that God fhould pull forne of thefe out, that lie as in a filthy Dungeon ; this is a wonderful mercy. A Prince that hathmany offenders, ufually pardons the moft, and executes the feweft ; But God ufually executes the moft, and pardons feweft. But how comes this to pafs, feeing God is a God ofmore mercy Objeíl. than any Prince ; how is it that a Princefhould pardon moft and execute thefeweft, and God do the contrary ? Anfw. i Becaufe the execution of many that are guilty, Anfw. would be a troublefome and dangerous thing unto a Prince ; fie cannot do it when the moft have offended : but God can eafily execute thoufands of thoufands, and all with one word fpeaking. Further, If a Prince fhould execute all that offend , he 2. fhould have a want of his Subje&s : But God wants not the creatures, he has no need of us : but a Prince may want his Subjects, and therefore if there be any way in the world to preferve them, and keep them in any way fubje& tohim, the Prince will not deftroy them.. Befides, the Prince executes the feweft, and faves the moft ; 3r Becaufe the execution ofa fewmay be a means to bringothers unto allegiance : But when God comes to execute Malefactors, the execution of fome cannot be a mean to workgood on others, efpecially at the great day ; 'tis trtié, in this world God is long - fuffering, andexecutes a few, that it may be a means to work good onothers ; But how isGod faid tobe a God of rich and glorious mercy, and yet pardons very few, and executesmolt ; for all the world have been in Treafon againft him : how is it that Godpardons feweft and deftroyes moft? I hope togive your very