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8.o Goffel 12emfsion. Juftification, for the working it upon the heart of the Romans, and his own heart too, (ayes, What pall we fay to thefe things ? thiiholy Apoftie ftood as a man amazed at the wonderful rich- nofs of thegrace of God in pardoning offin ; in the verle before, having laid, Moreover,whom he didpredeflinate themhe called, andwhom he called, them he juflfed ; and whom he juflified, them he alfoglorified : And having fpoken much to the point of Jufti fication in this Chapter, heconcludes at ver.31. Now wha (hall wefay to thole things ? as if he had Paid, Lord, how does thy glory appear in the Juftification of a finner, and pardon- ing his fin through Jefus Chrift?,hat we cannot but Rand amazed at the greatnefs of thy glory appearingherein l that we know not what to fay, there is fo much of thy glorious graceappears, that our mouthsare flopped ; What íhail we fay to thefe things? So now,after we have heard of thefe glorious things, ofthe glo- rious Revelation of the grace of God in and through his Son, working in fuch a glorious and myfterious way of godlinefs for the juftifying of a firmer, and pardoning of his fin ; ifwe could now fit down as men and women amazed and aftonifh- ed, as having our hearts fo filled with the glory of thefe things, as being not able to exprefs our felves ; but even fit down ama- zed at the brightnefs of the glory of them ; it would be an ex- cellent fruit ofour attendance in hearing thole things,we fhould fanifie the Name ofGod in it ; and 'twould be veryhappy for us ; but if not while we are here together, yet, get into your Clofets, and look into this myfterie of godlinefs, and recolle t what you can of that which you have heard ; and let this con- fideration lye warm upon your hearts and thoughts : OLord 1 what (hall we fay to thefe things ? that God fhould have fuch thoughts of fuch mercy and grace in the pardon of fin, as we have heard ; What (hall we fay to it ? and though for the pre- fent your hearts be not able to exprefs more, yet by meditati- on, Pure the fire will kindle, and bring forth fome admirable expreflìons in glorifying the Name ofGod, or in finging fome Pfalm tohis praife or in doubling and trebling that bleffed acclamation with the heavenly Hoft, Luk.2. 14. Glory to God in the Higheft, on Earth peace ,goodwill towardsmen; O here is the good will of God towards poor wretched vile men ; Glory be to