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GoJl el R in f sion. to God in the Higheft ; Lord,What is man that thou fhouldJt befo mindful of him ? thou haft made him a little lower than the An- gels ; nay, as you have heard this day, Godhas fet him above thofe Angels that finned againft him ; Chriß would not chew mercy to them, they could not be pardoned ; this is for poor fin- ners in the world, a generationof thofe that feekhim, that have this great mercy of pardon and forgivenefs of fin revealed to them ; What fhali we fay to there things? the Apoftles expref- lion may help us to make way to the Application , and as I have told you we fhould fan&ire the Name of God, in ftanding ama- zed at the wonderful grace of God that glorioufly appears in the Juftification of a finner, as we have opened in many Particulars. And nowwe have many things to fay in the Application of thefe things, for the anfwer to that queftion, What(hall wefay to there things ? attend in the fear of God, and you íhall hear in the Ap- plication what fhall be Paid to thofe things, you haveheard in the former Doctrine. CHAP. XIV. of the Dishonour that is done byMen to the Pardoning Grace of God by flighting of it. rIrft, This we have tofay to thefe things, Surely if the Pardon ofSin be fogreat a mercy as you have heard, and that there isfuch a wonderful work,of God in it ,, then it muff needs be a horrible and vile thing tofin againft this grace that the heart of God is fo much in ; to difhonour this great work of God muff needs be a very vile andhorrible thing : And this hath been my intention, my very plot, as to fet forth the greatnefsof thegrace, of God in the mercyof forgivenefs ; fo fo to keep you from finning againft this grace. If he be bleffed upon whom fùch a great andglorious workof God is wrought in forgivenefs of fin; then it muff needs be a molt horrible and dreadful thing for any man or woman to fin againft this grace ofGod ; and horrible to difhonour fuch a great workof God as this is. But