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8 z Goi el P emfsion. But who are they that difhonour this g7eat work ofGod ? or howmany wayes may we be guilty in Gri ing againft this great mercy of God in forgivenefs of fin ? I [hall Phew firft who they be that cart di[honour on this great work ofGod ; and Second- ly, Shew thegreatnefof thyfin, what a dangerous thing it is to fits againft this great workofGod in pardoning fin. Anfw. I Firft, Theyfin againfl thisgreat work&f God in pardoning fin that are altogether carelefs, who little or nothingmind it, or fcarce fpend any time about it : thereare a generation of men and women in the world, that have fin and guilt enough upon their fpirits, yet they fc;rce ever call to mind,or queftion what are the terms between God and their own Souls, how things Rand be- tween God and them ? what God bath to charge them withal ? whether God bath any thing againft them,yea orno ? How few of you now this morning that arc come into the prefence ofGod, have had your thoughts working thus ? Omyfoul how is it with thee ? How do matters(land betwixt God and thee? Whatguilt is it thou baft upon thySpirit ? What bath Divine f uflice to charge thee withal ? Confcience fpeakfreely anafully :Whatis therein Heaven againfi me ? Is there any thing upon Record that 1am. chargedwithal ? How is it between God ana me? O what ftran- gersare molt men unto fuch thoughts as thefe 1 but go on in a fleepy, fecure and dead hearted way, either they believe there is no guilt at all upon their fpirits, or no great evil in that guilt, or elfe think 'tis no great matter for God to pardon. You are very folicitous for the flefh, what you(hall eat anddrink,, and what youfull put on ; and for your Eftates, how toget and increafe in the world : But to make up the Records betweenG od and your Souls,to get them difcharged,and the Records ofHeaven cancel- led that are againft you : O how feldom do thefe things take up your thoughts ? Know you that are offuch carelefs fpirits about this great matter ofpardon of fin,that it is agreat aggravation of your fin, that you are fo carelefs about that great work of God in pardoning fin, you are carelefs and fpend but a few thoughts about that, that bath (as I may fo fpeak with holy reverence taken up the heart of the infinite God from all eternity : cer- tainly, there is not any in the world, not any of the works of God towards his creatures bath taken up the thoughts and heart of