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g 8 ors the .Excellency f Chap. .hood of Chrift after the order of Melchifedeck, to the end that we might bee the more Pure of fuch a wonderful mer- cy of God to Mankind, that is the reafon that he added an Oath to the .Prieft-hood of Christ, becaufe that aymed at higher.tl.ki igs than the Prieft-hood of Aaron did, that was bufan external Prieft-hood, but this ayming at fuch high dings_, yea that Sacrifice that moil .bee tendered up to God for a., full; attonement: for the fin of Mankind, therefore God confirmed this by an Oath ; for beleevers when they hear fuch things ( chofe that are weak ) I but Lord ( think they) are there things fo ? is it poffible that God fhould have fuch thoughts of Mankind, to work fo wonderful for mans Salvation ! therefore faith God, I have confirmed this by an oath. And then this Prieft -hood of Chrift is a Prieft-hood of a Letter covenant, the other was but after a carnal Comman- dement ; and in.comparifon of this it was but an external covenant, : for there was certainly a covenant of Works be- tides that of Grace, that. God did renew with the people of Jfrael, even when he gave the Law, the Ceremonial Law did not only typifie the Covenant of Grace that fhoùldbee revealed hereafter more fully, but it was annexed to the Covenant of Vs)" or lc s, as it appears plainly in the Epiftle to the Zieb,,rezuç-r; bùt yet,: -till I; fay. they had a Covenant of Grace thAfwas, eoucht:darkl_ys : in the Ceremonial Law the-efore Chrift is faid to be a Mediator of a better Cove- nant, he comes to deal between God and. Ilan in a- better Covenant than wasbefore. Andthei further, the Prieft -hood of Chrift it conies to have `more efficacy than that of Aaron had, for it prevails to the purging of confcience, which that could not doe. And it bongs the. Saints into the Holy of Holies, and that with boldneffe, and for that you have a molt excellent Scripture of the Saints being brought into the Holy of Holies by the Prieft hood of Chriff, in the tenth to the Hebrews, eb. to. i9, j1avrng therefore boldneffe'to enter into the holiefi by the blend of Jefne,,.by the Sacrifice that this our Prieft had r d