Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the, Excellency of Chrifl. his Father, and is their Advocare makes, inoercelion for them, jáee .. is als`ruyes holding befog:. rbz Lather a'l his Sufferings, , as it were pleading before Ga± the Father for them. Why thou, an _a porít. Creature here,aiii art,ir may be, fallen down in thy clofet pleading with God for mercy, and thou art dtféouraged for.the:f}raitneffú of thy heart, and the like, but now .learn how to make idea thy faith, lik upon J'efus Ctrrih, -.ltee is the objet of thyfaitlr I,'bue you Ifavilbeleeve in Chill a§,the hPriefi that is gone_be- fore into, Heaven, and now-is at the right hand of the Fa; ther making intercefion forthy foul. It may bee thou art difcouraged becaufe thy prayers are poor and weak; I but thy faith-mutt bee exçr¢ifed upow hat'Gad-rxtan, who is pleading with God the Father for thee and that by his own merits, that are Werth more thi ten thoufand thou- fand Worlds, and except you doe exercife<ynurfaith'upon ChrifLas a Priefi thzss, you doe notexercrfe- your faith a- right; Oh what flraasgers are moil people in the world to the.exercifing of faith.!:.I a atto yoa,, when did you ex- ercife your faith upon C rilF as fe h an High Prieff; ? you would fee him to be a wonderful Saviour indeed, if by the eye of faith <you -.did behold him to be thus: Thus he is wonderfulaniiis Priefily Office oh what won- derful things are -tiliefer; We el adj real to us b t faith _! How woof/trait; woutipl,be the comf oÈ and joy âfrthe Saints of Goc -in theexercifing of their faint , úpon this that doe but. now_nanee. unto yoia ,whereby as lAte goe along you may fee how farre fhort you have come frdiii exeecifxng yórtr.faith upon Chri ?lû a Saviour; as did- : ctiipture: dt>rlt psefenèhim to you:. 9 Again, hisPriefily Office endures for ever, hee lives for ever to make,intercetli ; the Priefls in the Law they dyed, but CÑriPr he is a Priefi for ever, and hee makes ind ;terxed ionhin feLf, , hàrh. n Deputy; not-no Succefrors; as abets had, but he-hinafetf rimes inràr on for ever for his people, and 'his Priefl-hoed' is colifirrned by an Oath,.['tal.Ili; 4" Tht Led Pare; theLogd.bt an Oath confirr d the Priefi- kood,`