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on the Excellency of Chrifi. hands, and defire that hee vvould prefent it to the Father ? certainly, except thou doll fo, all thy Sacrifices are call out as dung and filth in thy face, and are an abomination unto God. As in the time of the Law we know, let a man offer never fo good a Bullock, or Sheep, though they were worth never fo much, yet ifhee did not offer them by the Prieo, we know they were abomination unto God : fo our fervi- ces are as our Sacrifices , and they mutt be offered up unto God by this otir High Prieo ; and in this Jefus Chrift is wonderful in his Priefily Office, for by venue of that Sa- crifice of his that he offered to the Father, all the Sacrifi- ces of all the elea ones are tendered up to the Father, and fo come to be accepted ; And then doe wee eaercife our faith upon Chrio aright, when we can look upon our High Friel+, and tender up our Sacrifices by faith unto the Fa- ther through him. To beleeve in Chrio is to have thy faith ael upon Chrillinhis feveral Offices. Oh what orangers are moll unto te glory of Jefus Chril? what little glory bath Chrio from you, when you underhand him not in thofe things that are his glory ? or you that doe underhand him, al+ but how feldome bath your faith aeled upon him, accor- ding as hee hath been let out unto you in thefe feverai things ? The Prophetical Office of Chrifi. Chrio is wonderful in his Prophetical Office ; I will but name one or two particulars about that, which is exceeding comfortable. Firo, a wonderful Prophet he mull needs be, for hee is one that knowes all the minds of God the Father perfealy, which certainly all the Creatures in the world doe not ; take all the Angels in Heaven, and Men in the World, and they know not all that is in the heart of God the Father. Now Chrio he knows all that is in the very heart of the Father, and whatfoever the Father doth, Jefus Chrift knows it ; in the fifth of Ph, verf. zo. For the Father loveth the Son,