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on the Excellency of Chri ft. Son, and fheweth him all things that himtfelf doth; there is nothing that God the Father doth,but he fhews it all to,efus Chrift; and in the firft of John, verf. i 8. No man bath :teem God at any tine, but the only begotten Son which is in the bo- fome of the Father. This is a wonderful Teacher indeed, a glorious Prophet , wee may well call him Wonderful in regard of his teaching. He is called ( the) Prophet, and (that) Prophet in Scripture, becaufe he is one that carne from the bofome of the Father, and lives in the bofome of the Father, and whatfoeer the Father hath done or will doe, he (heaves it unto him, and therefore he knowes all the mind of his Father, and knowes all things that doth any way concern his Church, or whatfoever 11 ali befall his Church, it is hee that knowes it, and is able to make it known as he pleafes ; and hee is anoynted by God the Fa- ther to be the teacher of all thofe that are deft ones, and that doe belong to Chrii }, he hath taken the charge of every one of them, to teach and inftru& them in all the mind of his Father ; now next unto the Sactifice of Chril +, there is no one thing in Scripture of greater ufe than this to the Servants of God ; beleevers many times goe away, and fay, oh I have heard ofgreat and wonderful things, but we can- not underftand them ; oh doe not goe away difcouraged, but remember the Taft thing that is laid in the Sermon, that Chrift is wonderful in his Prophetical Office, and hath un- dertaken the charge of thy foul to infiruti it in all the mind of his Father, and fo farre as is neceffary for thy Salvation thou (halt be inflruaed, or Chrift mutt be unfaithful in his Office ; now that cannot be , but except thou be inftru6led this muff be fo, for Chrift hath the charge of thee. And this is made in Scripture as a fruit of his being Plain, in the fifth of the Revelation, verf. 6. Ind 1 beheld, and lee in the midit of the Throne, and of the four Beals, and in the midi ofthe Elders, flood a Lamb as it had been Hain; and hee came and opened the Peals, opened the Prophecies, and fo fore -told what fhould befall the Church to the end of the World ; it was a Lamb Plain that did it, noting, that is is a N z fruit