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cdf cGs t+ tL c@!a zlSt m sVt+ ltf The CONTENTS rhe Treadle Of the .kgrtiAE of 9QV;' Arne of God, what meant by it. P. z Agracious heart praifes God for himfelf. 3 And loves God for himfelf. 4 Which is the difference between fanElifying and Common Grace. ib. God is a mo f1 excellent Beeing above all things. S Impo f ble it is to f et forth the excellency of Gods Beefing. ib, r God is, and there is none elfe befides him. 6 Other beetngs are but a fhadow to Gods Geeing, ib, 2 God is a prefent Geeing. 7 This Beefing of God is in all places, God is in all places. 8 3 God is as much beyond every place, ar hee is in every place. 9 4 God is a Beeing that is all fu f ficient in binsfelf. 5 All the excellencies in the creature, are in God virtually and eminently. lo, it 6 All the fcattered excellencies in the creatures are united into one excellency in him. 13 7 All pofliblegood and excellency is in God. 14 8 All good and excellency in God is eternal in him. 15 9 And not only eternally, but alfo immutably. ib. io All thefe are effentially in God. 16 z i All excellencies are in God purely, anti unmixtly, God bath nothing but excellency in him. 12 All excellencies are in God originally. 30 I 3 God is the fountain of all excellency to all creatures; ib. a 14A11