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The Connts. 14 All things depend upon him. ib, 5 God alone is excellent in his operation, bee doth what- foever bee will, in Heaven and Earth. 21 lice cloth the greatefi things as eafily as bee doth the leaft. ib. What ¿e done in time, was decreed to bee done from eternity. 22 ..(161 of Gods will that was from eternity is matter enough to work_by. ib. Ali Gods WOrkj add nothing to God. 23 16 God alone is excellent in the manner of communication of him/elf. ibe God can let out as much of him/elf as bee will to any creature. 4 ib. God bath never the iefs for what bee lets out to the creature. 23 17 There is no comparifon to bee made between God and any thing elfe. 24. IS God beris the higheft end of all things. 25 Ufe What caufe wee have to bee ajisamed thofe low thoughts wee have had of God. 27 2 Irjhews the dreadful evil that is in fin, it being againg,inch an infinite God. 28, 29, 30 3 Wee fee catfe to bee vile in our own eyes. 34 4 Hence wee may learn to know the vanity of the creature. 36 5 Let tes labour to kuow God, to fearch into his excellency. 6 Wee are taught from hence to labour to keep the fenfe of t39 he infinite difiance there is between God and the creature al- waies in our hearts. 40 Grace cloth caufe this the heart hath a &nde of infinitenefs towards God. 41 7 If God bee fo excellent, then Gods people are the molt ex- cellent ones. 43 See what cavfe wee have to fear this great God, from 45, to the end. THE