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On the Excellency of Chrifl. III weer, any thing that hash any excellency in it ,. f Bread, fJ °h6.5a. E Wine, Mihk whacfoever in the creaturehath any excel- g rra44. lency in ir, Chrifi is called by that Name, to thew that all Excellencies are in him as one As I told you that Gods Excellency was fuch an excellency, as the very quin_effence of all excellencies was united in one in him, fo Chrif} bath the quinteiTence of all excellencies in him., and in him as in a conduit to bee conveyed to all that God in-- tends eternal goad-unco. Oh what a Savioilf have wee, my. Brethren ! now mee thinks .this fhould bee a very ftrong argument todraw your hearts to Jefus Chriff, or at leaf} to fay as Philip faid, Let us fee but Jefus Chrifi,this wonder of the world,. and wee will never wonder at any thing more in the world : oh let us underfiand what Jefus Chatli our Saviour is ; here you may fee what a full obey} of your faith' Jefus.Chritt is, and how you may venture your fouls upon him: , and your eter= rial eftates ; here is enough to draw faith , and encourage faith, and inlarge faith; and oh that God would-bee plea - fed, by prefencing whatChrift is, to work faith in fome foul that bath not had it before ; but now where faith is before this, look beyond your own worth , and your own inlarge- ments : And thus in there things you fee how wonderful Chrift is. There remains two things more.