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110 on the Excellency of Chri fl. wondérful Saviour wee have , that God hath made all things for him ; Sur:1y our Saviour is glorious and wonder - full. 6 There is one thing more, hee is wonderful in his In dowments and Excellencies in this , that his Excellencies jolt r.16. are in him to bee conveyed to his people , Out of his fulnefs do all we recelve,and gracefor grace. Out of the fulnefs of all Excellency that is put into him. The Saints of God and eleci ones, they draw all the excellency they have here, or ¡hall have to all eternity. For you muff know this, Though the Divine Nature bee the fountain of all Excellency, yet it is riot to bee conveyed, but onely through Jefes Chrift; this is the great myttery of goodnefs and this is the won- der in the Gofpel that is fo much above nature , that though God bee the fountain of all in himfelf , yet hee bath determined that this goodnefs of his !hall bee firft let out to his Son , and fo fhall bee conveyed through him to the Saints , fo that all the gifts and graces wee have , wee muff not look upon them onely as coming from Cod the Creator of all things, but as coming from God through iiim,that is God and mari in this myflical way; therefore if you fay you look at God ; and beleeve in Gods mer= cy, without underftanding the way of Gods communi- rating himfelf , you may utterly miftake , it mutt be in Chrift that wee muff receive grace for grace. Now that there "fhould bee filch a thing revealed , that God fhould fay, I will fet up my Son , the fecond Perfon in Trinity, to take your nature , and to bee God and man; and hee Thall bee as a Conduit to bee filled with all things whatfoever, and you (hall have as it were your pipes joyned to him, and through him i you fhall come to partake of what good I intend for you , This is the wonder of the world. A jolt. t.9. And hence is is that Chrifc is compared to all things xt.13: ge that have any excellency in them; Is there an excellency 4 Pfal.84 1I in light , C brit is called a Light, Chritt is called b Pearl l a NI 7.3 s. and c Cold , and Raymenr, and the a San, and c I:ïtri,tg water,