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t t 6, on the Excellency of Chrifl, minde of an infinite. Juf}ice ; Oh how righteous is God in his wayes there , and his Juftice feems to bee wonderful unto us : But when you behold in this red glafs of the blood of Chrift, Gods Juftice , it is a great deal more glo- rious here, than in all the damned in hell. If God fhould grant to any of you to Band upon the very brink of hell, and there to look into the pit, and fee all. the torments and tortures there, and hear all the; cries there , then you think your hearts would bee affected with the Juilice of God, CO fear it. I but when God makes himfelf known to you in Chrift, when you hear of the fufferings of Chrift for fin, God would have you to bee more affeeted with his Juftice, and to fear it more, than if you faw all the Torments of hell. And the truth is, there is no fuch way to fet out the Jullice of God , as to Chew the dealing of God with his Son for the fin of man. If I would preach but one Ser- mon that fhould bee my laft, of the Terriblenefs of Gods Juftice , I would fpeak of, fouie Scripture that fhould (hew) the terriblenefs of the .dealing :of God with his Son , and that would fet out the Juice of God to bee a great .dealt more glorious than any thing elfe. The ©f And fo the glory of Gods mercy and goodnefs_is more ûods Mercy in Chrifl, than any other thing ; wee in,oy thefe . outward 'appeals in as ,a fruit of the bounty and goodnefs of God; Ctuiit, 1 but what are all thefe to all the love of God in his Son ? Irememberalearnedman - compares .all -the_ good things wee receive from God, from his general bóunty..and pro. vidence, and his love. and mercy that appears in Chrill,with a fewfparks that come out of a burning furnace., and the heat of it within ;; look what difference there is between them, fuch difference is there between the love of God to us in all the comforts in this world , and the love of God y in Jefus Chrift; God hee would have an Argument to ma= nifeft the infinitenefs of his love unto his creatures, and il no fuch Argument as this , So God loved the,world that hee l o 3 ^ 6, lent forth his onely begotten Son. And fo the glory of Gods. Truth that is manife(ed in ful