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on the Excellency of Chrift. ìi5 found out in his Son, in this the wifdome of God is more glorious than in all his works infinitely, the glory of Gods wifdome in other things is darkned in comparifon of his wifdome in this; If God had put it to Angels to finde out a way of Reconciliation , they could never have guefl at fuch a way as this is ; that wee fhould bee reconciled in Chritl, here is the glory of wifdome. There likewife doth appear the glory of Gods holinefs The Holinefs more in Chritl than in any other way; it is true, the Law is of God ap- a glafs of Gods holinefs , and thofe that call reproach up- pears in Chrift on the Law, they fpit in the very face of Gods holinefs; I but that is no fuch gla+fs as Jefus Chrift is there wee fee the holinefs of God in another manner than wee can do it in the holy Law that God hath made. God never íhewed his hatred of fin fo much as hee did in Chrift , and it can- not bee devifed by all Angels and men how it were pof- fible to have fuch an Argument to manifefl the hatred of fin fo as it is manifefled in Chriíl , that God should deal fo with his Son, as hee hath done for the fin of man; I fay, if an infinite Wifdome fhould fer it felf on work never fo much to finde out an Argument to manifeft the hatred of fin , there could not bee a greater Argument : So that when God Pent his Son into the world to dye for mans fin, hue did as it were fay, I have many wayes to manifetl my holinefs to the childrenof men , how infinitely I do hate fin , but here is a way that it shall appear to the uttermoft, they fhall fee it in my dealing with my Son ; certainly in Chritl Gods wifdome bath found out an Argument to make us all to bee convinced of the infinite holinefs of God, that God hates fin more than hell its felf , and that wee should do fo too. Again, the Jutlice of God appears in Chritl, more than in any thing elfe : It appears not fo much in all the tor- The e of znents of the damned, as in Gods dealings with Chritl, in ill pa that hee required fuch fatisfaaion from him as hee did; When as wee hear of the dreadful curies of the Law, and of the tormentsthat are in hell, wee may thereby be put in Q2 minde