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118 ON the Excellency of CbriJt. or woman that bath any knowledge of God at all , would for a world but have beheld fo much of the glory of God as doth appear in the great Works of Creation and Pro- vidence; Oh what comfort have the Saints in beholding the glory of the great God, when they look up unto heaven, and upon the earth, and in the feas ! Oh but then the fweetnefs , and foul- fatisfadlion that there mull needs be in the beholding the glory of God in the face of Jefus Chrifl! And this by the way would bee a good evidence of your faith ; have you beheld more of Gods glory in the face of Chrift than ever you did in all the world befides ? Yea and hath the glory of God in the face of Chrifl, darkned all the glory of the world betides unto you ? Have your hearts been taken with that glory more , than with all the glory that there is in the world ? Why here would bee a good evidence of faith indeed , that you have had a true and real fight of Jefus Chrifl ; wee cannot have a real fight of Jefus Chrift , but wee mull certainly fee more of God in him, than in all things elfe. The oiory of And then fecondly , As the glory of Gods Attributes, fo Gods great the glory of the great Counfels and Works of God, efpe- works in cially in the governing of man unto his eternal elate, that bringing man appears in Chrifl above alt. to his eternal As the great Counfels of God in Eledlion, wee are chofeu elate appears in Chrig, the great Counfels and- Works of God in Voca- in Chrifh Eph.1.4, tion, Juflificatton, Adoption, Reconciliation,San&ification, and Glorification , thefe are the great Works that God doth glorifie himfelf in , thefe are the great things that the thoughts and counfels of God hath been from all eternity exercifed about , whatfoever your thoughts are exercifed a- bout , yet T fay , the thoughts and counfels of God have been exercifed from all eternity about thefe great Works of his, Ele&ion, Vocation, Juflification, Adoption, Recon- ciliation, Sandlificaton , Glorification, all thefe Works whereby bee doth order and guide mankinde unto an eter- nal eflate. Now the glory of God in all thefe Works they are