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On the Excellency of Chris. I are in Chrili, Chrif} hee is the head of our Elecîion, and all.are chofen in him ; what is Vocation but a calling unto Chriti, and revealing Chrifi to the foul ? And fo Juftifica- tion it is in Chrift l}ill : And wee are made children, aalopted in him , and reconciled in him , and fanaified through him, and are to bee glorified through him; all thefe great Works about which the heart of God is fo much bu- fied, the glory of God in all thefe, it doth fhine in the face of Chrift, and without the knowledge of Chrift wee could never come to know any of thefe things. What could the heathen know of Gods eternal Elegy }ion , or Vocation , or Jullification, or Adoption, or Glorification, to fpeak fuch words to the Heathens as thefe are in reference to God , it would bee barbarifin ; But now thefe are the great things of God that are revealed to Chriítians by Jefus Chrift, wee come . to have all thefe glorious counsels of God in .there great works of his to bee opened to us , and Chrift is won- derful in all them and all thofe that did know what thefe things mean, they fee the glory of God wonderfully in them. Thirdly, the glory of God is wonderful in Chrift, in that all the good and mercy that is in order to eternal life, that God communicates to the children of men, it is through Chrifi, NON wee mentioned fomewhat like to this in the for - mer, when wee (hewed Chrifts endowments, that from him wee have ail Excellencies ; But now I onely mention it to Phew how the glory of God the Father is in him , becaufe that God bath appointed him for the communication of all the good that hee doth intend towards the children of men in order to eternal life ; now the glory of God muff needs bee eminent in him this way ; for God accounts it a great part of his glory to communicate himfelf to his creature;, therefore that through which bee Both communicate him - felf,muft needs bee partaker of abundance of glory ; God bath honoured Chrift in this that hee hath chofen him to be the 4n11rument of the conveyance of all Paving good to