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130 A note of Trial. on the Excellency of Chrà ji. people in theworld pedal., and when you come to hear the way of Paving man, and what it co(l, and the great diffi- culty of it, you may then ftánd and wonder that any fhould bee Paved : oh when ever you think of falvation , think wifely of this, it is a wonderful work of God to fave a ina- ne; , and the moll wonderful work that ever God did do; why, becaufe the way of Paving a finner is fo ftrange ; and truly my Brethren , then doth God begin to work favingly upon the heart of a firmer , when the tanner begins to Rand and wonder at the way of faving , and till that time it cannot bee conceived that God is beginning favingly to work upon your hearts. I appeal to your confciences , you that have gone on in a fecure dead-hearted way, when was ever your hearts taken up in admiring at the way of Gods faving finners ? why, if it bath done io, that is a good evi- dence that God is beginning to thew himfelf unto you in a Paving way. But now if you go on, and have but low thoughts about the way of falvation , if your hearts do not fan&ifie Gods Name in admiring at the wonderful way of falvation, know,that yet the Gofpel is hidden to you , cer- tainly you yet do not underfland the counfels of God about the way of falvation , when your hearts are not taken up with admiring at the glory of God in it. I will but leave this note of Trial with you, whether Chrift bee revealed to you ; have your fouls wondred at him, My Brethen? there are divers things that men v on der at in the world , and their hearts are taken with them, . and all becaufe they underftand not Chrift the great Won- der of the world. Wee read in Rev. i 7. that when Anti - chrift had gotten a great deal of power , that the wog ld did wonder at him, verf.6. when I jaw her, 1 wondred with great admiration, &c. Antichrift having a great deal of power makes men to wonder much at him. Now invert. 8. She Beall which thon fawe fi was and :5 not, and Mall afcend out of the bottomlefs pit, and go into perdition , and the, that dwell on the earth fhall wonder, (whrfe ,names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world) when they behold the